Reconnecting the pieces of your life!


Years ago, in the days of my youth. Mom would always have a jigsaw puzzle setting around on a card table. I would wander by to see what she was working on that day. Almost always I would sit down with her and we would have the best conversations. We would talk at the supper table, but that was about reporting what I had done that day or what kind of day I had at school. The puzzle conversations were special. We talked about everything, any topic was fair game. The time was so relaxing our conversations often would turn to those discussions that changed and helped shape my life. I remember them like they were yesterday even though they were 50 years ago! My wife and I feel what a great time it would be for families today to have those experiences. Our puzzles are of important things and events going on in your community, so you too can generate those precious moments that you will have for the rest of your life. There is no time like family time. No competition of a game, just quality time together.
Toni and Larry

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